Monday, May 16, 2011

Blast off Monday

Photo from NASA website

Blast off!

Just a few seconds ago, I watched the Space Shuttle Endeavor take off on its final mission. Now that's what I call taking the initiative and putting the Monday morning clich├ęs to rest!

"Life" (as in life-charged life) is a good topic for a Monday morning! So many of us drag our way into work, listless, and the excuse offered is, time and again, "Well it is a Monday, you know...."

Personally, I believe the whole Monday sad-face performance is counterintuitive when it comes to the foundational impetus of the "Life-charged life." Monday is critically important in terms of establishing an initial trajectory to a new week that has the potential - always - to be awesome.

Now don't get me wrong; it's not as if I'm advocating pom-poms and cheers. I just honestly believe that "The Monday blues" tradition makes absolutely no sense when we consider what the idea of life promises.

This morning, walking Scout Labradoodle around the neighborhood, I stopped to look at a bed of Day-Lilies in full bloom. It wasn't even 7:00 yet, and a Monday morning no less, but there they were, responding to the imperative of insistent life.

Monday, in a way, indeed every Monday that comes along, is in a sense The 8th Day of creation.

This good Earth was created - in the vernacular of the Genesis creation stories - in six days. On the seventh, God rested; or, using the ancient Hebrew, God nepheshed. "Nephesh" carries the idea of refreshment, of replenishment. Again, not coincidentally on the seventh day, Easter represents the refreshment of life in terms of redemption and resurrection (gotta love these "r" words!).

Today, then, Monday in all of its Monday-ness, begins the "Second Week", or "The Eighth Day" of creation. Monday carries with it the impetus, the initiative, the invention of insistent life! Now we've got some "i" words going on!

You bet Monday is all about life!

Here's my question for the day: Is your Monday going to be a "Life-Charged" Monday? How you answer will likely set the trajectory for the entire week.

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