The new building at First Presbyterian Brandon, this morning, moving right along!
A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests. At the time of the banquet he sent his servant to tell those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is now ready.’ – Luke 14:16-17
Early this morning I took a break from the big writing project to head downtown, where I’d been invited to talk with the men’s breakfast group at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church. I spoke on “The Life-Charged Life”, which was kind of a no-brainer as I’ve been working furiously on “10 Life-charged Words for Men” all week-long.
Then, on the way back, I stopped by the construction site at First Pres Brandon to take a gander at what’s new and exciting. The answer is “windows and doors.” It all looks very promising, as you can see from the opening photograph. But what is even better is the choice for the temporary doors at the front entry. The contractor still had them from a recent remodel and I swear he couldn’t have done a better job for a “happening” Presbyterian Church like ours!

"Disciple 'O' Campbells Presbyterian Pub"
Yeah, that’s right, the old front doors from BEEF ‘O’ BRADY’S. I kid you not! Pastor Tim Black told me about it yesterday, then Bill Hellman sent me some pics this morning (featured at the end of this post). But I had to come see for myself, so I pulled out my telephoto for the shot you see here.
“BEEF’S”, if you don’t live around here, is the classic Brandon “Family Sports Restaurant and Pub.” It’s the best place for fish & chips and offers as close to a “pub” atmosphere as possible anywhere other than small-town United Kingdom, where there really is no better place for a casual lunch and a pint.
That’s why this is such a classic door for our church! I vote we keep it, and simply incorporate the idea into the design. Now I’m well aware that this new building is supposed to be, “The Campbell Discipleship Center”, but what would it hurt to keep the doors (and the concept) and simply call the place “DISCIPLE ‘O’ CAMPBELL’S PRESBYTERIAN PUB”…
Some churches have been putting espresso bars in their front lobby. I’ve even heard tell of bookstores and ATMs. So what could be wrong with a few pub tables, some old leather chairs and a couple of dart boards? Plus of course fish & chips and a pint…?

Photo courtesy of Bill Hellman
But then maybe there’s a good reason I’m not on the design team… or the session…!
“CHEERS” – Derek