Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy weekend. Gratitude and Joy

This has been a busy weekend! Busy but fun. So I'm going to be brief.

Today is Mothers Day and, while Rebekah and I do appreciate the empty nest in let-me-count-the oh-so-many ways... today we miss our Connecticut and Italy based children with a poignant bittersweet pain. But they are happy. THEY ARE HAPPY. Nothing beats that. While it would be nice to have them home this weekend, we are deeply thankful that they are both moving forward with positive, productive lives.

I'm conscious of how much Rebekah misses her mother on days like today. It's been a decade since she passed away and sometimes it seems like forever. Today the loss feels much more recent.

Friday, Rebekah and I drove to Orlando, where I became an instant fan of Ikea. Very cool place, pretty much a furniture and home-goods theme park. We always enjoy driving anywhere together, so the day was a treat. We avoided the crowds at the spanking new Tampa Ikea store... but I can assure you; I'll be back - especially with that huge kitchen renovation in our near future.

Then it was a wedding weekend. I sat in the pew and wondered to myself what it is that touches me about a great wedding. I realized that it's not so much the young people (although I'm happy for them, rooting for them, praying for them)... but now it's their parents. To see our friends gloriously joyful, happy, radiant; watching their children make life-time commitments. That's where it is. Bill and Julie - here's to you.

Full circle back to Mothers Day. Rebekah - thanks for the children. Wow - beyond our wildest imagination.

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