Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Short post - big message

I'm up early today and heading to Sarasota to be with my mum and dad for the morning, and I don't have more than ten minutes for this post.

So I'm making a different kind of entry today. Here's what happened: Yesterday evening, walking Scout Labradoodle, I listened to a podcast. I do this a couple of times a week, downloading sermons and lectures from some of my favorites, like John Ortberg and Rob Bell. But this time I pulled up one of my wife Rebekah's messages from the First Presbyterian web-page.

I've always enjoyed her preaching, but to listen in this context, the same way I listen to internationally known speakers, was eye-opening. God really fed me, and it occurred to me that I should pass on the opportunity to others.

So that's it for today. Click on this link and see for yourself. Or, "hear" for yourself. Rebekah's messages. (Some of the messages are from Tim - good stuff)

Grace and peace, always - DEREK

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