Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Fun With Methodists!

Here it is - out in the open. I admit it - I get a real rush from speaking to a large crowd of people.

I swear it wasn't always this way. I've been chief amongst the "knee-knockers" of the world when it comes to public speaking. But, and this has been creeping up on me for a while now, I've enjoyed every speaking opportunity I've been offered over the past few months, and this morning was no exception.

The setting was superb. Spring Hill United Methodist Church has a state of the art sanctuary that's arranged in "the round", seats 800-1,000, and is exquisitely beautiful. The early service was sparse, but 10:15 worship was comfortably full; I got to to speak to somewhere over 800 people this morning.

It's a wonderful feeling to stand in front of a sea of faces and share your passion. They listened intently, laughed easily, and responded graciously. I spoke for somewhere around 25 minutes, and concluded my message knowing that they wanted me to continue.

Maybe it was simply good manners on the part of the people who came to church this morning; maybe they'd have responded the same way if I'd have been a flop; maybe I shouldn't read anything into it. But it really doesn't matter, whatever reason explains my morning the result is the same - I feel affirmed, encouraged, validated in this most interesting direction in my life, and optimistic regarding the future.

So I'll wrap this post with the benediction I left with the Spring Hill United Methodist Church at the close of morning worship. Please accept it as your benediction too:
  • "God is constantly creating and re-creating; God wants to do a new thing in our lives; God does not want us to rely on tired stories from the past. So - Go into this new day with the reality of transformational possibility strong in your spirit. Talk with God; give this day over to glory; live a new story."
Love and blessings - DEREK


Lenni said...

Mr. Maul,
I enjoyed your message this morning in Spring Hill First Methodist Church. It interested me that you are also a writer. So, I gave you a copy of my recently released book about our mission work--at the least the first of a series of three--covering our ten years or so and why we went. I was told by a friend that you left the book there in the Narthex. Hmm. I had hoped to hear some comment on it from you. I guess that was too much to expect. Forgive me.
Helen Spaulding

Derek Maul said...

Yikes! Sorry - I knew I'd forgotten something when I left but couldn't remember what it was! I'll call the church office and ask them to forward the book to me ASAP.
I appreciate your willingness to share your work with me.
Thanks - DEREK