Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scout Labradoodle = smiles, $$, and much needed balance

Hmmm... I seem to be overloaded with details right now; lots of good writing happening, but nothing sinking in as appropriate for my morning post. I have, however, enjoyed mucho fun playing chase with Scout.

Scout has become, according to my most recent budget observations, possibly the most heavily leveraged investment in our portfolio. She is - apparently - the perfect host for whatever allergen happens to be roaming the face of the earth, looking for victims. So this week, in addition to her daily "skin pill" and her daily "allergy medicine" she has been put on a daily "maintenance dosage" (for life) of anti-biotic.

She can't - of course - have changes in her pharmaceutical regimen without a vet visit to go along with it. There have been a multitude of those already this year. Consequently, she's about the same monthly commitment as a modest car-payment.

But so much more than a car. Consider the benefits: Scout is fun to play with; she doubles as my personal trainer; she brings boatloads of affirmation and positive, unconditional love into our home constantly; she makes us laugh.

Not just laugh uproariously because of her antics, but smile - pretty much every time we see her. The pictures included here were taken during one of our "play breaks" this morning. She's a hoot! It's impossible not to have a positive disposition around an animal like Scout.

By the way, Scout turned four years old this month. She's a huge, galumphing, bundle of silliness and unbounded love. She may not be much help when it comes to balancing the family budget... but she is a huge contributor when it comes to finding balance in our lives.

Peace - DEREK

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