Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody and more

Yesterday Rebekah and I completed the (thought-provoking) preacher-conference in Montreat We wrapped up, shared communion with the other participants, then headed south for the 680 mile trek back home. It was the opening to Labor Day weekend, so we shared the road with possibly every driver in America. Consequently we arrived home a few minutes before 1:00 AM this morning, more than ready to tumble into our nice, comfortable bed.

Much of the trip home involved de-briefing, often to the tune of "Road-Trip Rock-'n-Roll". I think the best segment of ear-blistering music was around ninety miles of "Queen's Greatest hits." long stretches of South Georgia go by so much more easily with the help of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at full volume through Rebekah's premium "Monsoon" sound system. As we were crossing into Florida we were both singing our hearts out to "We will, we will rock you," and then "We are the Champions, my friend..."

We really did feel like champions. But it wasn't so much to do with the rock stylings of Freddie Mercury and friends as it was the more exhilarating understanding that we are participants in a life-long journey of faith that is actively resourced by none other than the source of all light and life, the author of creation and the ground of all being.

It wasn't one of those "feel-good" conferences. Our daily discussions were more along the lines of
  • "Where is God challenging us?"
  • "What are we doing here in Brandon?"
  • "How does God want us to push the envelope?"
  • "Do we even want to push the envelope?"
  • "How can we better understand the direction God has for our lives?"
  • "Do we even want to deal with the kind of challenges God is throwing down?"
  • "Where exactly do we fit in?"
And more - always more.

So I'll leave today's post at that. I have a mountain of work to get my arms around, and I've probably seeded enough to get any readers thinking. At least I hope so.

Peace - DEREK

(Not sure where this bridge is going - but we're certainly on it together!)

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