Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Calling Card is Passion!

This morning's "mug-shot" (right) is certainly not the most flattering image of me ever taken! But I'm including it because I believe it captures some of the passion I'm feeling when it comes to sharing the central message that's beginning to emerge as I speak with more and more groups of Christians throughout the USA (Look, I'm even waving my arms!).

The photo at the end of this post shows a few of the men present during the afternoon seminar this weekend at the First Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. We talked a lot about what it means to walk "in" faith in every-day life (I'm grateful to my new friend, Tim Pennington-Russell, for the photographs).

One very meaningful conversation was in response to one man's comment, "I understand that God has saved me from so much..." My response launched from this introductory statement: "I think it's more helpful to understand salvation as something we're saved into, rather than from. What, 'Henry', do you think it is that Jesus has saved you for...?"

Q: - "Derek, did you get to the computer in time to write and post your blog before 10:00 this morning?"
A: - "Not even close! My morning appointment to interview a high-school principal came too quickly."

Q: - "But did you at least spend some time with God before you went to work?"
A: - "Most definitely! It's critical if I'm to take my commitment to be a Jesus-follower seriously. Prayer is my initial trajectory 'out of the box'. This was my meditation verse this morning, Psalm 89:1: I will sing of the Lord's great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations!

At 6:20 AM when I walked down the street, the huge "Harvest Moon" just hung there, front and center, suspended in mid-air like I could climb on if only I had a step-ladder. It was luminescent, creamy-white, like fresh cream poured into a ball but with it's own light.

I thought about this clarity of vision realization that's been hanging around the edges of my consciousness lately. And I wonder if I've ever seen things in this kind of detail before? Every morning a gift; every day an opportunity; every moment a step in increasing confidence; every relationship a gift.

That's it for this morning. Maybe I'll get back on this blog later today. But I doubt it - way too much to do!

Peace - DEREK

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