Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Month In - Taking a Pulse

We're one month into 2011 and - in an effort to include a little more self-assessment along the way - I've been crunching some numbers. Some of the numbers are good, some could use a little improvement.

  • First off, I'm doing great in the walking department. My goal of five-million steps in 2011 (approximately 2,500 miles) calls for 416,667 steps per month. During January I documented 467,000. That means I walked 233.5 miles.
  • I've pulled my weight back to 175 pounds. Not too shabby.
  • My annual check-up comes up in March, so at the moment I'm all "no comment" on the cholesterol situation!
  • I took the "Real Age" test this morning and am disappointed with the "48" I scored. I think this is a good time to blame my family!
  1. January I wrote seven columns for All Pro Dad, one Methodist e-review article, three Tampa Tribune profiles, one FOCUS Magazine column, and one Upper Room meditation. 
  2. I had only one (paid) speaking engagement.
  3. I put in a lot of work for an on-line class I'll be teaching in March, I'm also outlining a new book, plus I started prep work for some upcoming conferences.
  4. I launched my new "The Preacher's Husband" blog. Getting great reviews.
  1. "On-line presence" is becoming an increasingly key element of what it means to be a freelance writer/speaker. My goal is to devote at least two hours per day to what is - essentially - self marketing. This is an area I'm not attending to properly and I really believe it's the "make or break" part of the equation concerning my future.
  2. If you want to help, please "share" my blog(s) with your friends on facebook and via email. Additionally, you can use this link to my "author page" at ---- DEREK MAUL's BOOKS ----
  1. The IRS will be glad to know that I am actually making a profit as a freelance writer... However, I'm sorry to say that it's not going to do much for the deficit!
  2. Let's put it this way. The good news is I worked more than 40 hours each week in January. The bad news is I made more $$ "per hour" as a work-study security guard at Stetson University back in 1976!
  1. I'm doing my dream job! I love to write, and I know for a fact that I make an impact on the lives of hundreds of people throughout the world - possibly thousands. I'm also privileged to have the opportunity to travel sometimes, to get up in front of a crowd and to share words of inspiration and encouragement. That rocks!
  2. At some point this year I'm going to have to write a book that will actually sell! (stay tuned on that score, I really do have a couple of good ideas!)
PRAYER: Here's a prayer I wrote on behalf of a friend yesterday:
  • Lord God, architect of our hope and guide along the way, grant your struggling children an extra measure of your peace this week. Heal broken hearts; renew hope; restore joy; affirm love. Give us the wisdom to be the presence of Christ wherever we find ourselves. Give us the courage to be the presence of Christ. Give us the will to follow Jesus. Amen....

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Your prayer was a strong affirmation; thank you.