Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday - I Know Beyond a Shadow...

Just a short post for a day that is packed with huge meaning. I'm captured with the idea - this morning - that Jesus cared enough about opening the door for a renewed relationship with humanity that he willingly set everything else aside, and put himself at risk as one of us.

Jesus died because the values that have come to define life in this World could not absorb - cannot absorb -such a radical message of unconditional love, grace, reconciliation and redemption. Christ was too beautiful a truth for us to hold... and so "The Way Things Are" felt compelled to snuff him out (And some - religious people no less - are still of that mind today).

But light is irrepressible, and even a smidgen of it is more than any darkness can cover. And so, while I am very sad on Good Friday, aware of how the way I order my life is so often and so much at odds with the Good News of Jesus, I cannot hold back a twinkle in the corner of my eye, because I know beyond a shadow that light always prevails.

So I am celebrating Good Friday in the light of the knowledge of Easter Sunday. Because Easter Sunday is already at work in my soul.

It is so good to be loved, and forgiven, and redeemed.

Peace - and Grace - and Light - DEREK


Former Texas Clergy Pal said...

Derek-- thank you for posting this! And is that picture of the cross from Mo-Ranch in Texas??

Derek Maul said...

Yes.. that's Mo-Ranch in the early dawn - last May