Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Food, friends and babies (well, the new one!)

Yum yum yum....
Wow... There were new records set for a single-day viewing of my blog post - yesterday. Evidently, the words touched a lot of people (October 18 post "Rest in peace - live into promise" if you missed it).
Today is a new day - Wednesday - and I'm sure you can understand why this post is designed to be lighter.

Tuesday turned out to be a great food day. As you can see from the grainy cell-phone pic, I cooked steaks again. I'm going to begin by explaining the whole "steak-in-a-skillet" thing to those purists who say grilling is the only way. I have this amazing iron skillet with deep ridges in the bottom. Consequently, the steak not only gets the cool-looking "grill lines" but the juices have room to drain and we avoid the whole "boil the meat" problem that typically comes with steak in a frying pan.

Tim and Kelly Black came over for dinner. We decided that people used to feeding two pre-school boys need the occasional invitation for some center-cut tenderloin, fresh asparagus, loaded potatoes and good wine.
Well, we needed it too!

In the middle of a difficult week it's good to sit down together with friends and simply relax in the company of good people.

Chef Geoff at home
The story continues: Earlier in the day I drove down to Sarasota to share lunch with my brother, Geoff. He took the time to prepare an excellent meal, too, and we enjoyed fresh, homemade soup, great sandwiches and some salad concoction that I can't pronounce but really liked!

We are continuing our series of interviews about his story. Once again, the conversation ended up in a different place than where we started... because good conversations do that. The point of an effective interview is to help establish exactly where the story happens to be. And then to get out of the way as the story unfolds.

Home at last
Meanwhile, there's that "new baby" situation unfolding in Connecticut. Word is that David Henry's parents didn't sleep any last night - his first at home - but that they did get some"z's" in during the morning.

But look at him! What and amazing bundle of baby.

Yes, I know this a gratuitous display of grand-baby cuteness. But what can I say? I'll likely find some way to slip in a baby photo or two every other day or so during the next few weeks.

David Henry - not wanting to go out on his first family adventure!
People have done worse things to boost the circulation of their blog!
In peace and gratitude - DEREK

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