Monday, February 6, 2012

Easter Initiative: gaining momentum

49-day retreat begins Feb 21
Happy Monday, friends! I've got to tell you, I'm almost grieving the end of my travel blog series. I've posted 18 Middle-East entries since January 16 and the response has been terrific. Thanks for reading along.

Today, however, I'm excited in a different direction. It's February already, there are just a couple of weeks until the beginning of Lent, and there's been an explosion of activity associated with my seasonal book, "Reaching Toward Easter."

I'm always thrilled about a new book, but this one feels like something extra special. Maybe "Reaching Toward Easter" will be the project that finally tips the balance so that everything begins to take off!
  • After a slow start the Presbytery of Tampa Bay now has (at last count) around 500 people in 18 congregations participating in the 8-week study.
  • The book has been sitting at or adjacent to the top of The Upper Room's best-sellar list for the best part of a month.
  • Upper Room Ministries is sponsoring on-line Lenten retreat featuring "Reaching Toward Easter." The reach could well be world-wide.
  • I have (as of today) 10 speaking engagements in support of the release.
  • Every time I "Google" the book I see more congregations (from a variety of denominations and all across the USA) advertising "Reaching Toward Easter" Lenten studies.
The bottom line is that I'm thrilled to have initiated such a wide-reaching conversation, one that encourages a deliberate journey from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday, through Holy Week, and the celebration of Easter Sunday.

Please consider this as your invitation to join thousands of other people in an unforgettable experience! There are several ways you can join in:
  1. Pray for the churches that are participating. There's a huge need for spiritual unity among Christians and this initiative provides a great opportunity.
  2. Pick up your own copy of "Reaching Toward Easter." Then enjoy a personal, spiritual retreat.
  3. Read with a friend, or two, and encourage one another along the way.
  4. Sign up for the Upper Room on-line retreat.

Back cover image from "Reaching Toward Easter"
IF NOT THIS... THEN SOMETHING: If you chose not to read along with me, then I pray that you will make some level of commitment to do something specific during Lent to enrich your spiritual life.

I have poured so much of myself into this book, and I'm very pleased with the result. I'd be honored if you would join me on the journey - DEREK

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