Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a baby, a computer, and a cup of tea

David Henry, getting up close and personal with the Connecticut grass
THREE PHOTOGRAPHS: A couple of weeks ago someone told me that my occasional “Three Photographs”  feature (sometimes four) is a cheap-and-easy way to deal with the fact that sometimes I can’t come up with anything to write about. No arguments here.
But really, when Naomi sends a picture like this, what can I do other than re-post it and talk about the joy of having A) Such an adorable grandchild, and B) A daughter who is so over-the-moon happy with her family and her life?
Naomi shares images like this several times a day, plus she sends short videos on the phone. Consequently, when you add the occasional conversation via Skype, Rebekah and I are able to feel connected in a way that belies the 1,400 miles of road between us.
Setting up Rebekah’s new laptop thingy
CONNECTIONS: Skype is probably the primary reason I took Rebekah computer shopping yesterday. Up till now we’ve been doing video-chats on our iPhones. No complaints, just that David Henry on a three-inch screen is simply not enough baby!
So we were thinking iPad until we realized that what Rebekah really needs is the ability to do everything she does on her office computer, plus organize her photographs, plus store much more in the way of resources and materials than a tablet could handle. So, several hours of shopping and research later, she’s all set up and ready to go with her Sony VAIO VPCEG32FX/WLaptop… whatever that means!
Afternoon tea with Rebekah – always a good thing
TALK: Of course, like everything in our life together, we sat down with a cup of tea to talk about it. I can’t say often enough how valuable “tea and conversation” has been and is in our marriage.
I do a lot of writing for All Pro Dad, an on-line resource for fathers, and my primary focus is a series of “10-Ways” lists that are designed to help men perform to capacity (Here’s the link, if you’re interested). I’ve prepared over 100 “10-Ways” articles for the site, but if there was one item that could easily appear on every single list then it would be this: “Make your wife a cup of tea, sit down together, and talk about it…”
JUST DO IT: And so I’ll leave today’s post with that. If you’re in any kind of a meaningful relationship, then take my advice and schedule some good conversation time. Tell you what, maybe I’ll help out, and write a “Great Conversation Starters” post tomorrow…?
Regardless, put the kettle on, turn the television off, and communicate already.
Until tomorrow, “Peace and blessings” – DEREK

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