Tuesday, October 23, 2012

four photos and a few words

Today’s entry is the simple “Four Photographs” format. Just a slice of life and a few observations. - DEREK
Rebekah and Scout taking a break from the digging
his is not my first yard-work post this month, and it’s likely not my last. The shift in focus in the MaulHall garden has been from maintenance mode to full-on reconstruction, and (of course) it seems there’s more to do than we first imagined.
Removing – or rather digging out – shrubs has been the most arduous. I’ve wrestled with some most impressive root-sytems and dug some huge holes to get to them. Then there were the landscape timbers (railroad-ties) Rebekah wanted me to cut into thirds and all I had available were rusty hand-tools.
who needs power tools?
SPECTACULAR: But the weather has been absolutely spectacular. Low humidity; temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s; a light breeze. Consequently, we’ve accomplished more than we thought possible… and uncovered even more that still needs to be done.
And so, today, nursing some new blisters and feeling my body creak in areas that have been dormant for some time, I’m both loving our big garden and thinking about the advantages of living in a condo.
But there’s such a lot of practical theology at play in the garden, and I love enjoying the results when the work is done, and playing in the dirt really does heal Rebekah’s soul in so many ways….
Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!
“GOODNESS, GRACIOUS:” Meanwhile, up in Connecticut, our 12-month-old grand-baby David is having the time of his life with his new piano (a great gift from the great-grandparents).
He’s got his balance, he’s standing, he’s walking a step or maybe two, but then he’s plonking right back down on his doofus because, really, why toddle when you can crawl at the speed of light?
Actually, David is having the time of his life with everything about his life. I think if we recored our Skype sessions with him then each episode would make compelling television:
  • See those goofy grandparents on the screen? Smile, clap hands together, then crawl full-speed to the computer.
  • Hear your grandmama’s voice? Burst out in prolonged giggle, then try to crawl into the computer screen.
  • Stand at the piano and notice a camera pointed his way? Play like Jerry Lee Lewis, grin like Howdy Doody, and bounce like Ray Charles.
Full out… until he’s done
I tell you, the child has such energy and enthusiasm. Life is right there, in front of him, and he’s grabbing at it full on, with both hands, nothing held back.
Until, that is, he simply runs out of juice. Like Sunday night (picture at left), fast asleep on the floor while his parents were fixing his snack. “Sorry. I’m done. Another time maybe. I’ll be here tomorrow. I’d advise you get your rest while you can. Because I’m just getting warmed up.”
And that’s all the news for this morning- DEREK

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