Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the last post you need to read about this election

God the Father by Cima da Conegliano, c. 1515
his week, in preparation for next Tuesday’s elections, I’ve been talking with God about the details, trying to look beyond all the hype, doing my best to discern what the candidates truly value, and asking myself who among the politicians (national, regional and local) honestly plans to serve people.
Typically, the important things God shares with me concern my personal spiritual journey, my values, my family, my behavior, my witness, my relationships, my thoughts, my plans etc. But today, via some less than subtle hints, it’s evident that God believes some of the folk who stumble across this blog could benefit from hearing a word or two from “upstairs.”
This – best I can decipher – is what God said to me about the 2012 election:
First off, tell all of them this – and for goodness sake include the Romney and Obama camps if you can possibly get their attention (now lean in, and listen closely because I’m going to whisper): I’M SICK AND TIRED OF THE HYPOCRISY!!! I’m sorry, was that a little loud?” – God
“Then – and from the depths of all I have ever tried to tell this world – check out what Jesus (my son) said; it’s a no-brainer. In fact, Jesus may possibly have addressed a couple of these issues in a little thing we like to call, THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT!!! I yelled again, didn’t I…? – God
SPEED-READING JESUS: So I took a look. Like I had any choice? And, while I recommend that each one of us carefully read the entire Matthew 5-7 selection, I’ve taken the liberty to bullet-point just a few of the remarkably relevant ideas that stood out to me:
  • What God values is mercy, purity, and peace.
  • Our job is not just to offer light, but to belight.
  • First, work on your own righteousness.
  • Be reconciled with one another. Work on your personal issues. Make relationships your priority.
  • Don’t bother with promises and eloquent persuasions, what matters is simply keeping your word.
  • Love your enemies.
  • Give to the needy but be discrete.
  • Pray, pray, and then pray some more.
  • What you value tells the truth about the condition of your heart.
  • Be serious about your faith; but, please, enough with the hypocrisy.
  • If God’s kingdom is your first order of business, then the other stuff you worry about will find its proper place.
  • Don’t judge others. Just don’t.
  • Honest seekers tend to find honest answers.
  • If you want to spot a false prophet, just look at the fruit that falls off their tree.
  • It’s not about how loud you say, “Lord, Lord,” it’s about building your house (see yesterday’s post) on solid ground.
Listening to Jesus
‘NUFF SAID: There’s more I’d like to write – always, but today I simply want to turn the spotlight on the amazing (and timely) words of Jesus.
Haven’t we seen enough commercials? Do we really need to listen to any more trash talk? Instead, I’d like to recommend a careful re-reading of Christ’s message on the mountain, and then some serious time spent in prayer.
Jesus puts things in perspective; that’s why God directed me to these passages. I feel better already - DEREK

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