Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Baby!

Craig with the new Campbell, "Rebekah Mae"
Craig with the new Campbell, “Rebekah Mae”
This is Rebekah Mae Campbell; she was born early this morning, June 18 2013; she weighs 9 pounds 8 ounces; she is our new granddaughter; she is loved.
For nine months, or thereabouts, this particular miracle of grace and joy has been preparing for the day she would move out of her comfort zone and into the amazing and wondrous panoply of possibilities that we call “life.”
And so, wondrous miracle of grace, here are a few words of welcome.
First, know that you are loved beyond the scope of reason or imagination. Personally, I have spent a lifetime thus far learning to understand the depth, the breadth, the length… and any other parameter that helps define that love; and I can tell you with complete assurance that there are no limits to the kind of love you have been born into. Enjoy.
Then, I want you to understand that you already have everything you will ever need. For the next 18 years or so, until you become  a legal adult, this world is going to try to convince you that you need a wide array of material things in order to be happy. I want you to know right now that you don’t.
You see, you have a family that loves you, you will develop meaningful relationships with many good people, you will learn and grow and play and develop your unique gifts, and you will discover how your identity as a child of God makes everything complete. So don’t be distracted by what is false, and what will lead you away from the Gospel of Love.
And that’s all for this morning, Rebekah Mae. I am so thankful for your life, and so full with anticipation and joy for what the future will bring. Children really are God’s answer of hope and promise for a world that so often forgets about what really matters. I know you will help me to remind them all.
In love, and because of love – your Grandaddy Derek

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