Friday, February 20, 2009

Business card

Late blog today. Got up running. By running of course I mean "stuff to do"; I haven't actually run any real distance since I turned forty. It wasn't a deliberate choice - we just moved to Tampa and my routine changed and before I knew it I was a walker not a runner. My knees - decades of soccer abuse knees - are still thanking me to this day.

But I digress. I intended to write something about business cards. Not an exciting topic, but certainly one that occupied my creative energy for the past hour or so. I noticed this morning, when I was interviewing a very interesting martial arts practitioner over in the Plant City area, that my cards are seriously out of date, missing vital information, and not worth handing out any more.

So I got on the VISTAPRINT website and played around with the design elements. This time I chose "Design your own". That's the front of the card at the beginning of this blog; not bad for a first effort. You probably recognized the picture because it's my current favorite. Or at least my current favorite that happened to be available at the exact time I wanted to make the card.

On the back it says simply Grace, peace, and God's rich blessings. At least I think it does; I can't access the page again so I'm not 100% sure.

The exercise begged a few questions. Such as: what is important enough that I'm prepared to take up precious space on a teeny-tiny card to write it down? What image says the right things about me? How do I describe what I do? What important message do I want to emblazon across the back?

There is a lot about us that must be reduced to "sound-bites" in order to interface with this attention-deficit world. Like it or not, people make snap judgments, draw fast conclusions, and then move on. So I'm often left wondering about what I communicated in that short space of time. We communicate something, intentional or not; my question is do we pass along anything of substance?

Just something to chew on.
Gotta go.
Peace, and grace and God's rich blessings - DEREK

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