Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Good Morning!

I've got to be honest. I've never been able to identify with the Garfield-esque "I hate Mondays" theme that seems to be kicked around so much this time of the week. Maybe it's because my Sundays are so consistently redemptive....

But, on closer examination, I'm not sure that it's even the Sunday thing. Sure, an awesome day with a vital community of faith is a huge part of the equation, but Sunday is only one day of the week. I'm not quite hanging with the "Make sure Sunday packs enough of a punch to last the whole week and we'll be Okay" theory.

It typically goes something like this:
  • Get tanked up on Jesus;
  • hooked into enough juice;
  • a big enough kick in the pants;
  • an adequate dose of motivation;
  • an extra big charge to our spiritual batteries;
  • a transcendent experience to help us float through the rest of the week;
  • a "top-up" so we can make it a few more days...
Sometimes I'm inclined to believe such an approach feeds into the fundamental malfunction.

For me, the main reason Mondays tend not to be a problem is this. Rather than being a big, nothing to do with my real life, "Sunday-Palooza" event, my day at church yesterday was - instead - a natural extension of what's been going on the other six days.

Here's my theory. I believe we program too much inconsistency into our lives. If Sunday is the only time we experience balance, community, the presence of God, prayer, encouragement, refreshment, peace of mind, family harmony - you name it - then it's no surprise that Monday morning is typically such a let down, a crash from the high of the previous day.

But if, alternatively, we allow our lives of faith and our investment in relationships a little more room in the day-to-day... then waking up Monday morning becomes simply another opportunity to incorporate everything we really value into this particular context.

The idea of following Jesus has no chance of making any sense if we "use" our faith as a topical intervention rather than a systemic application.

Discipleship is a game-changer.
Every day of the week.
Monday included.

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