Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Adventure Continues...

Well, it's official. Our house will never ever be finished! MaulHall, much like the Golden Gate Bridge, will in all likelihood be ready for the start of it's next project round about the time the latest one is completed.

Yesterday, just when I was finishing a heroic save and patching the hole in the living room so we could hang the last curtain (not, ever - Oh, the irony - the "final" curtain), Rebekah got busy and demolished the guest bath. The pile of debris I photographed by the road is just a taste.

However, and before we went to bed last night/this morning (well past midnight), the new floor was installed, the new molding was nailed in place, and fresh paint had been applied. The guest bath is essentially ready for the new cabinetry stowed in the garage. The whole thing could well be done in a couple more days. We needed professional help with the kitchen - but this one we're doing ourselves.

But that won't stop twenty-some people coming to our house for dinner tonight.

A normal work routine is all I'm asking for right now. Just a few consecutive days when I can write and do pretty much nothing else. But, and this is the "Life Examined" hook, I won't ever have anything of substance to write about if I'm not engaged in some bona fide life along the way.

There's always something that needs attention (I'm talking about soul care now as well as the house) and if I neglect to address the opportunities that continue to present themselves, then I am - as Paul writes in Corinthians - little more than an empty gong and a clanging symbol. Or, as the bard put it, much ado about nothing....

That said. I really would like to see some break in the proceedings; some time off from paint and drills and drywall; some end to the mess. I'm just saying...

Grace and peace - DEREK

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