Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seventh Day of Christmas - Mac mini

I'm writing a very short post today (even though there's enough going on to warrant pages and pages!) But most of this morning is dedicated to setting up the new Mac mini.

  • Short story - my very old HP crashed so many times this fall that it was time to "re-boot" so to speak. Andrew - at home on loan from Bahrain for a few days - talked me into making the switch to Mac. Consequently there's almost no time to blog before my 11:00 phone conference and then heading to Orlando for New Year's Eve festivities with Rebekah's siblings and all the cousins.
So, this "Seventh Day of Christmas" is about the meaning wr
apped up in the number 7. In scripture, the number is used to denote completion/perfection, and for me that is a good way to wrap up 2009.

No, I'm not suggesting that 2009 has been a perfect year. But, I'm more and more in contact with the purposes and the direction God has for my life; I am moving forward and I am claiming what is possible and what is loaded with such a rich sense of potentiality.

So, 2009 has continued to lay foundation; it's as if this decade - now completed - has served as an ongoing launching pad. I believe - with conviction - that the coming year, the coming decade, will continue the trajectory of discovery and unbounded opportunity.

My responsibility, then, is to walk into 2010 with my eyes open, with my spirit synced with the eternal, and with a renewed commitment to serve and to grow...

... I'm conscious, you see, that my life-span is moving forward too, and that what defines me must continue to shift. I want to be as productive as possible over the next few years, and to touch the life of every person possible who stands in need of encouragement and inspiration.

That's not a resolution, it's a commitment. Hopefully my new Mini mac can help!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - we'll pick this up again tomorrow - DEREK

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