Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So, how are your kids, Derek? - HAPPY!

It was nice to wake up this morning knowing that our son, Andrew, is in the house. He arrived yesterday afternoon after stopping off in Connecticut for a few days to visit Naomi and Craig. The blizzard followed him there over the weekend, and they all enjoyed the "Winter Wonderland" experience. Quite the contrast from his desert home in Bahrain.

Sunday I sent them a text message in response to the pictures they sent from playing in the snow.

"Remember when you were kids and you'd ask us what we wanted for Christmas?" I wrote.

"Yes," Naomi replied. "You'd always say 'All we want for Christmas is for our children to be happy and to get along...' Why do you ask?"

My one-word response said it all. "Bingo!"

So I really don't care what is or isn't under the Christmas tree this week. I really don't mind if I get that classic arch-top guitar, or the Amazon Kindle book-reader, or the Mac desktop, or the Audi A-4 convertible, or the round of golf at Pebble Beach... (and it's a good thing because no-one's going to get me anything like that anyway!)

But my heart has been fixed on contented children since the first day we brought Andrew home from the hospital, June 1982.

So these pictures pretty much say it all. Connecticut, December 20 2009; love and laughter and peace and joy.

Andrew dodged the snow at Heathrow airport in London, where he got out just before wholesale cancellations. He watched the snow come in at Philadelphia, taking off for Connecticut just ahead of the main storm. Then he slept in Naomi and Craig's guestroom while the blizzard raged, just so they could have fun the next day.

I'll take my blessings, I'll embrace the serendipity, and I'll look into the future with anticipation and confidence. More than that, I have faith - DEREK

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