Friday, March 5, 2010

Derek's Blog about ready to re-start after the forced break!

Well, I'm home again, after a week-long trip to the U.K. that turned out to be a very important investment of time and in people. Today has been "on-hold" for some recovery, as I was hit hard by a nasty cold Tuesday evening and following, that simply would not let go until I got home.

Somehow I have to find my way back into the swing of things, and I'll do that by inviting readers along with me for a few stories from England. There was absolutely no wasted time, it turned out. Even on the last leg of the trip home - when I was exhausted and sick and pretty much on the edge - I sat with a couple of fellow travelers (Calvin and Wendy) who made the conversation rewarding.

So this evening I'm simply posting a couple of pictures, but - starting tomorrow - the blog will be "on" again. I hope you'll join me as I continue to "think out loud" and examine exactly what it means to be alive, living a meaningful life, right where God has planted us.

Grace and Peace - DEREK

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