Monday, March 1, 2010


One of the great things about life is how unpredictable it can be. There are always people and circumstances and unforeseen variables to be dealt with creatively. Often, each day is another obstacle course to be negotiated. This can be annoying... but mostly it's interesting and stimulating.

This is an idea I've floated before, but it's worth thinking about again: If God is best defined as Creator - and I do believe it's one of the most helpful words we use to describe God, and if we are created in the image of God... then it follows that it is in our creativity that we best honor the image of God in our day-to-day lives.

The temptation is to arrange things so that the day lines up neatly, with no surprises. But it turns out to be in the challenges that we have most opportunity to serve God in terms of representing that image in our lives.

I could go on like an opinion columnist and complain that one of the most serious problems with our society is not enough people living as God-representatives. To put it another way, few of us allow Christ to live in and through us as a matter of routine.

This world could use a few more people running into the problems they face and turning to God for guidance, applying imagination and creativity to the stuff that comes up. Family challenges, work difficulties... reality.

gotta go - being paged for dinner - must respond creatively!

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