Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cleaning out. Toxic Waste

Short post this morning - I may augment later in the day.

Saturdays tend to be busy with non-writing commitments. This morning, for example, I'm heading to the county hazardous waste disposal site to get rid of a bunch of stuff from the ongoing "GRP" (Garage Reclamation Project). Paint, electronics, glue, batteries, etc. Then it's yard work and more in the garage.

Over the past 14 months we've been re-working our home, one section at a time. Roof, soffits, exterior paint, poor wiring, kitchen, family room, bathrooms. Weekend before last, Rebekah rebuilt the laundry room. She enjoyed the new shelving systems so much she started on the garage!

So, best case scenario, we complete the project by Easter. The amount of stuff we've already thrown away is mind-boggling. People will pick up just about anything you leave by the street!
  • "Hey, Carl, look at that storage chest. Can't believe they're throwing it out!" (Well, we threw it out because the back is split in two, some of the paint we stored in it leaked all over the drawers, there's one drawer missing, and there's a huge hole in the side from a small parking error!)
  • "Quick, Larry, grab the lawn-mower before they change their minds!" (That mower hasn't worked since the summer of 2003. It only cost $150 to begin with back in 1996 and it has a drive mechanism with a snapped cable, a throttle mechanism with a snapped cable, no blade, and a burned out motor - who knew you should add oil every couple of years?)
So Rebekah has almost finished up installing the new shelving, and everything we haven't thrown away is on the floor waiting for the "organizational phase." Before long we'll have a car in there and we'll actually know where stuff is!

Okay, here's the hook. It's Lent for our garage. Cleaning out, refocusing, getting mission in line with day-to-day reality. Making room for purposeful change.

I'm out of here - got some hazardous waste to deal with - DEREK

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