Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Missed appointments and serendipity

Late post this morning... because I just returned from a non breakfast meeting. Or, more properly, a non-meeting breakfast.

The sequence of events was actually fairly amusing. My friend and I had made plans to meet for coffee (not breakfast) at a local "dive" in Lithia. So I cruise on down, hang around a few minutes, then sit at the counter and sip coffee while I wait. Eventually I order the breakfast special (no, none of it was on my new "diet"), and decide to give him another half hour.

This is the email I sent from my blackberry.
??? Normally I wouldn't drive all the way to Lithia just for coffee.... So I had the breakfast special while I was waiting !
Eventually it dawned on me I'm dining alone!
I'll give it another five then I'm heading to work. This will definitely be better if you come too!
- peace - Derek

So I arrive home, set up at my computer, and the phone rings. It's my friend:

- "Derek...." Silence... "I thought it was Monday."

- "That's OK. I loved the corned-beef hash. How did you think it was Monday?"

- "Well... I kind of set my internal clock based on when Susan goes to work. Then I just count forward from that day... so I thought yesterday was Sunday and that made today Monday."

- "You know in the old days they didn't have watches so people just used sun-dials to tell the time and the date. So you're telling me your wife is your sun dial?"

- "Yeah, but she's really not all that accurate."

But is was OK. I enjoyed the quiet drive down past FishHawk and into Lithia. The restaurant was very much down home - pleasant "salt of the earth" type folk. And then I got to enjoy a quiet, meditative meal, sipping coffee and getting the day lined up in my head and in my heart.

Every moment is potentially redemptive. Every mis-step can bring serendipity. Each missed appointment, overshot exit, wrong turn... it's all open to the redirection of the Spirit.

We just have to keep our hearts open, and our awareness of God's grace on high alert.

Be blessed - whatever happens today - DEREK


kemmons said...

Now I have made the headlines. not only do i feel bad but everone else now knows i feel bad. won't miss the next one

Derek Maul said...

Hey... I thought it was a great story!
Didn't mention you by name....
Love what you said about telling time!

kemmons said...

I guess i sounded mad but not at all, it cracked me up other than missing the coffee with you