Friday, November 5, 2010

So Good to Be Alive!

Picture taken in the White Mountains, mid October....

Readers from the higher latitudes are going to laugh, but this morning it felt absolutely wonderful to - finally - shiver a little when I stepped outside to walk Scout. It was 55 degrees at 7:00, and the air felt soooo good!

I was wearing shorts, sandals, a t-shirt and then a light jacket. I was far too cold for the first half mile, and I guess I could have gone home to put on long pants, but I honestly enjoyed the nip in the air, keeping my hands shoved deep into my pockets, and picking up the pace to keep warm.

Even Scout could feel it. She walked with an extra spring in her step, tail held high, lifting her head occasionally to sniff the air. When we were done she was all, "That was fun, let's go round again!"

Maybe this answers the perennial Thanksgiving question - "This year, will we be able to eat on the porch." Not - "Is it going to be warm enough?" but - "Is it going to be cool enough?"

And so begins the five-six months why it's so great to live in Florida. Sure, we'll have some air-conditioned days to contend with; but at our house it's mostly going to be, "Windows open, fresh air, extra walks, and live outdoors..."

I just feel so refreshed! One more reason to celebrate. Isn't it good to be alive?

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