Friday, January 28, 2011

In Memorial

BOGNOR - UK: This morning, at 9:00 EST (that's 2:00 PM on the south coast of England) my cousin's church is holding a memorial service for my Auntie Mary. She passed away last weekend.

Our family was unable to make the trip across the Atlantic but my mum, Grace Maul, wrote these words about her sister that will be shared during the service.

So my post this morning is in honor of that, and all, special relationships of love.

Peace - DEREK

  Thanksgiving for the life of my only sister

                                                                MARY WATTS CLIPSHAM

I live in Florida, and am unable to be with you today, but want to join in this Thanksgiving Service.
Mary has been a wonderful sister to me for 79 years!   She was seven when I was born and has always been so very kind to me.   Making dolls clothes when I was small, and helping me in every possible way when our sons were tiny - (before Christine was born).

She was an ideal Pastor's Wife - always showing love and care to others.   She was one of the most generous persons you could ever meet.   Always thinking of others above herself.   Mary was very talented, in cooking, crafts and needlework, and especially gifted in caring for children!!   During the Second World War she worked in a day care nursery, whilst mothers worked in factories, and she really loved those children.   Then of course in more recent years she has adored her Grandchildren.

Her heart was broken when her husband, Ernie, died 9 years ago, BUT she has tried to remain cheerful in front of others, always singing the chorus "Yes, Jesus loves me" to everyone.

She is now with the Lord she has loved and served since her earliest days, and I know the angels are rejoicing with her as she is joining others she has "loved, and lost awhile".

I look forward to meeting her again and meanwhile pray God's blessing on Christine, Graham, Emma, Laura, Sarah and Joel.

When Mary was sick, as a toddler, she would sit on our Grandma's lap and ask her to sing "Ever Near".   The words were a comfort then and I leave them to comfort you now -

                                                Ever near to bless and cheer,
                                                In the darkest hour when I'm tempted
                                                I can feel his power.
                                                At His side I'll abide
                                                Never more to roam.
                                                Till at last Jordan passed,
                                                He will take me home.

Mary did stay close to Jesus and her song is answered.   She is Safely Home. 

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