Tuesday, May 22, 2012

free enough to become a servant

his morning I have a grand total of exactly 15 available minutes in which to post today’s entry. Just too much going on! So I’ll keep it straightforward and simple.
The scripture passage, above, jumped out when I ran into it this morning. I love the writer’s take on freedom, and the weight of freedom’s primary benefit – which is opportunity rather than license.
I honestly believe – and this is going to sound potentially “elitist” if I don’t word it correctly – that freedom only works to the extent that we understand its implications and are prepared to embrace the responsibilities that go along with it.
Ergo, and in line with the concern voiced by Paul when he penned Galatians, using our freedom as an excuse to do anything we want to not only impoverishes us, but it devalues the costly initiative that secured our freedom in the first place.
SERVE: There is really only one correct response to the gift of freedom, and that is the ongoing choice to apply our talents, our imagination, and our resources to serving one-another in Christ-like love.
Free to serve; washing the feet of a child in the slums of Cairo’s Garbage City
So my Tuesday challenge is three-fold:
  1. See how many ways you can selflessly serve your family (spouse, children) today.
  2. Reach out in love to at least one person in your faith community.
  3. Deliberately expand your personal initiative of love by one act of service – daily – in your workplace.
Then take an honest assessment. Do I feel more or less free when I park my own agenda and simply serve others?
I am confident that you will be affirmed in every way – DEREK

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