Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Preschool Rock! a lesson in exuberance

First Presbyterian Brandon Preschool
Good morning! In response to all those blog-readers who think I’ve been too serious vis-a-vis social commentary stuff this week, here’s a bunch of exuberant pre-schoolers to make you smile today!
Yesterday evening Rebekah and I headed to the church for the First Presbyterian of BrandonPreschool end-of-the-year program. What a hoot! There’s nothing like a sanctuary full of rockin’ two, three and four-year-old enthusiasm to put the world back into perspective.
Interestingly, apart from the handful of grandparents there to revel in their progeny, Rebekah and I were pretty-much the oldest people in the church.
“Up Periscope” – Pastor Tim and his camcorder
UP PERISCOPE! Looking out across the crowd it seemed like half the parents were sitting with one hand stretched high above their heads like periscopes, holding various high-tech recording devices. When you put a group of children on a stage in the 21st Century, parents tend to act like paparazzi at a movie opening. Very funny.
Pastor Tim did the welcoming prayer, but took his camcorder up with him and spent the first 30-seconds video-recording the crowd. “I want to begin with a ‘blessing of the video recorders,” he deadpanned. “May all your batteries stay charged and your pictures be in focus.”
HOSANNA! I just pray that the families stay in focus. I pray that the words the children sang not only imprinted on their video equipment by also on their hearts and minds. Listen:
Hosanna, ho, ho, hosanna! Everybody praise the Lord. So clap your hands; and wave your arms; Play the drums; Then rock the guitar. Hosanna, ho, ho, hosanna!
Hosanna Rock!
The kids get it. They rock their faith with animation and genuine joy. Later, bit by bit and by hanging around people who have forgotten that the JOY OF THE LORD is their strength, these creative, live-like-we-mean-it, life-charged beings turn into us.
How about if, just once in a while, we turn into them?
In joy, and because of love – DEREK 

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