Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day. Well, I have a busy day lined up. Too busy, so far as I'm concerned, because what I'd rather do is to brew a pot of coffee and watch all the inauguration coverage and soak in the weight of history.

(Photo by AFP/GettyImages)

Those of you who know me also know that I choose not use my newspaper column to promote party politics. I won't be doing that in this space, either. In fact I've often said that "Somewhere around half the people I know, give or take, probably believe they could predict how I might vote in any given election, and most of them believe I voted for their preferred candidate; and around 50% of them, give or take, are - quite possibly - correct."

Whatever your preferred political flavor you've got to admit that this is some day for America. It's also some day for the world. It's a day where the gravitas of history, wrapped up in the reality of this 232 years (and counting) American march into freedom, is eloquently and very loudly demonstrating what is possible for all of us. 

My prayer is that the world's six billion plus people ALL somehow internalize the fundamental value on display in Washington today. That value is the promise of individual determinism in the context of a free society. I'd also like to explore with you the awesome truth that such a day is also a direct result of the liberating message of Jesus. This could not have happened absent the Gospel.

There may not be time to explore the specific impact of faith at this particular moment; but, if you read me on a regular basis, be assured that we'll be talking about it some more - because what becomes possible in light of following Jesus is fundamental to our future, not only as individuals but as a nation and as a world.


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