Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just another brick in the wall

Today I got up fairly early because I had an 8:00 meeting with a couple of personal trainers who have launched an innovative program at the health club where they work.

With a slow economy hurting business they came up with a plan that pairs documented weight loss with money for local charities. Every pound lost is represented by a brick, stapled to "The Wall" in the fitness center lobby, and every brick is matched by a dollar from each (thus far six) corporate sponsor.

The plan is win-win for everyone involved. Clients lose weight and gain health; charities receive much-needed money; corporate sponsors get great publicity; personal trainers increase their client base. Not only that, but the entire place gets to rock out to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" every time someone staples their evidence in place!

We're such a "go it alone" culture, but time and again it's in the context of community - with all the attendant support and accountability - where we make the greatest personal strides. We need one another; we were created to experience community and that includes a community that is centered around our Creator.

Pretty-much anything is possible when we live and hope and dream and pray in that kind of environment. Love and blessings, always, DEREK

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Doris said...

Thanks for blogging, it's a neat way to keep up with Maul Hall. I just joined Facebook. That in itself is a challenge for me but who knows, maybe your blogging will become contagious. I continue to write my little ditties and poems for friends which brings me joy to share. Other than that, I think I would need to take some classes to really write good poetry. Not ready to do that yet. Blessings, Doris