Friday, April 17, 2009

Adventure time! "Big-D" goes looking for the "4-Ds"

I'm going, so hopefully I know. It looks like a bunch of  "Big Ds" - so as I'm the featured speaker let's hope I have an idea of what it's all about. 

Funny thing about that. Back in England, during high school, a few of my friends called me "Big D." I was never actually big, but six foot was far above average in that time and place. A kid named Micky Cullen (I may have spelled his last name wrong) coined the moniker. He was a gifted soccer player, an excellent artist, and a genuine quality human-being in every way. He dropped out of sports the last few years, but we remained friends and his "set" always called me Big-D. It's a detail I'd entirely forgotten about until I just posted the retreat flyer with all the big Ds. Brief pause here while I think about my old friend and pray for him...

Meanwhile, back at the airport.... I have time and to spare out here at the AirTran gate, due to a fortuitous combination of 1) no traffic on the Cross-Town, 2) next to no traffic in down-town Tampa, 3) Rebekah's secret route to the airport, 4) very little traffic to speak of on the Interstate, 5) friendly and accommodating folk at the security line.

Consequently I can actually blog while I wait. But I suspect it will be my last entry until Monday morning. I'm guessing it's highly unlikely that the retreat center in the North Georgia foothills will offer wi-fi in my cabin.

The retreat, sponsored by the "Wednesday Weiuca Guys" men's ministry, features my book, GET REAL. The header they created for the Weiuca Road Baptist Church men's page is plugged in here, below this paragraph. I think they did a good job with the design.

Anyway, if you're reading this post please pray for the weekend. Pray that  I'll be faithful to the message God has given me; pray that the Georgia men will have receptive hearts and be motivated to move forward in their personal pilgrimage; and pray for Weiuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta, that God will use these men to bring a deeper Kingdom-sensitivity to the day-to-day workings of minitry through that particular part of the faith community.

I'm still stoked about the creative directions this writing path has and is taking me. Life is good, opportunities abound, and I see nothing but an increasingly positive and fulfilling road ahead.

Love and blessings, always - DEREK

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