Monday, April 20, 2009

Strong Rocks run deep

It was a good weekend in Georgia up in the mountains. Somewhere around 30 men shared a weekend of reflection, prayer, Bible-study and mutual encouragement, and I was privileged to be asked to provide some words to bring the weekend into focus. This post will be heavier on the pictures than my typical blog. But sometimes photographs tell the story so well.

The weather was warm, the setting beautiful, the men open-hearted, the accommodations comfortable and the fellowship genuine. It was evident from the start that the leadership team had prepared with prayer. The interactions were defined by unity and love; you couldn't miss the fact that the group genuinely love Jesus and want to move forward as more deliberate Christ-followers.

Consequently, the format - built around the "4-Ds" - fit like a glove. So we talked about what it means to be hungry for a closer walk with God (DESIRE), we exchanged ideas concerning our decision to be focused when it comes to following Jesus (DISCIPLESHIP), we shared stories that told the story of our love for God (DEVOTION), and we challenged one another to be courageous and determined servants who share that story via the way we live (DARING).

I'll simply round out today's entry with some more photos and leave it at that.

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the rocks. More pictures, too: you won't want to miss the story - DEREK

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