Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy Days and Renewed Life

Experiencing the Serenity Life:

I woke up to another cloudy morning today. When we set out on our walk it was tough to tell if the thunderclouds were moving away or getting closer. Lots of rumbles but nothing directly overhead, so Scout Labradoodle and I launched out on our normal route - until the skies opened up and we got another one of those sudden soakings Florida hands out so well!

Scout loves splashing in the puddles, but is less enthusiastic about a heavy rain, so we made our way home early and I set out to the grocery store for coffee so I could have a fresh pot brewed when Rebekah woke up.

I rather enjoy rainy mornings. Especially days like today when there's no rush to be anywhere too early. We're three weeks into a sustained wet spell here around Tampa, and our whole world is a damp green. If you bend close to the ground you can almost hear the grass grow.

Prayer came more naturally this morning. I'm not sure if it's a signal that I'm more spiritually disciplined or simply a natural response to the serenity that's in the air.

Yesterday a non-believing friend took me to task for posting a prayer-request on facebook (I'm putting together an important book proposal). He suggested I eschew prayer in favor of self confidence. "Pray? Nah, you can do it on your own," he said. "Self-confidence is an amazing quality."

But what he doesn't understand is that prayer explores our relationship to the dynamic power that authored and sustains creation. What makes prayer so helpful in my personal creative process is the awesome truth that God believes in me! Trusting God doesn't imply a lack of self-confidence; quite the opposite: Faith affirms me and builds me up. God and I are partners in this ongoing work of creation.

So let it rain. No gloominess this morning, just an affirmation of renewed life. It's growing all over the place out there; water and life; re-creation. Like my baptism; like my creative spirit bolstered and amplified by God's belief in me.

Grace and peace - DEREK

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