Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog "On A Break" until early July

Today - Monday - Rebekah and I are hopping a plane and headed to Europe! Tampa-London, then London-Pisa. There we will enjoy a remarkable two and a half weeks with our son, Andrew, in Tuscany, Rome and Milan.

Odds are I will not be blogging until I come back to the States. Too much computer time is anti-relational... and Rebekah and I want to enjoy one another on vacation without me disappearing into blog-posting!

So, if you're any kind of an "A Life Examined" reader, then please be patient. This blog is on vacation!

Back at our house, we have people staying every day and every night we're gone. They'll be taking care of things, having their friends over, mowing the yard, doing whatever. The dog and the cat will be happy and in good company.

So watch this space, especially when I start posting some great stories and amazing pictures from Italy.

Meanwhile, live as if you mean it! Life is exceedingly good.
Love and blessings - DEREK

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