Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Redemption of the Earth - Part I

No time to write this morning. I'm heading to Orlando for a 9:30 meeting with some church gardeners. These folk are finding a way to blend the gospel message with God's mandate to take care of this planet. Novel, huh?

If I were to write my blog this morning I'd talk about my growing sense of realization that we have fallen and are continuing to fall short in terms of environmental stewardship.

Not only is this world beautiful, it also contains enough for everyone to be satisfied. So today's conversation with the church gardeners is going to be about A) How "The Church" can participate in a redemption message that also includes our resources. And B) What is possible on a local level, including just a handful of people.

There will be more, - but I have to hit the road.
Blessings - DEREK

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