Saturday, September 12, 2009

"To teach is to learn". Here's why

It's a well-used cliche to say that "To teach is to learn;" but being an aphorism doesn't make the statement any less true! Fact is, "sayings" become cliches because they are so consistently useful.

That's one reason I'm spending some quality time in preparation for teaching Sunday-school in the morning - even though the book I'm teaching is a book that I wrote. Because, in teaching my own material I'm still learning a lot about the subject at hand. One of the best things a good book does (and I do think my books are good books!) is to stimulate additional thought and growth in the individual taking the time to read.

When an entire class of people read the same book, and then come together for a few weeks to talk about the content, then learning can take place on a level far beyond the ability of the original author to effect one-on-one.

That's why this author believes in teaching in the context of small-groups. I have a lot to learn, and the company of fellow-seekers is a great place to get the job done.

Sometimes I get tired, and I seriously consider giving up some of my leadership roles. But then I remember how much I am nourished and encouraged in the context of faithful community...

Fact is, I'm the one who gets the most out of a class I'm privileged to lead.

So, here's my prayer for this Sunday:
  • "Lord God, thank you for placing me in the company of such honest seekers and authentic Jesus-followers. Please be with each one of us as we apply our creative and curious minds to the task of discussing what it means to follow Jesus and to share God's love in this world. Grant us insight and humility in humble service. Amen."

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