Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond...

Image, below: the Hale-Bopp comet is steered by the gravitational pull of the earth

Have you ever felt like you were on the cusp of something significant?

Over the past week I've had the sense that I am brushing up against the edges of possibility; it's as if "what is" and "what can be" have entered one-another's orbit... as if what can be is within reach in a new way... as if the spectacular might come crashing into the mundane... as if the uncharted and unimagined is washing against the shore of predictability... as if some of the strands and threads of my work may be weaving together to produce a new thing and it's going to surprise me....

There's this story in the New Testament about a woman who had been sick for a long time. And then she found herself in the same crowded street as Jesus. "If I can just get close enough to brush against his coat..." Then there's the one about the blind guy who just knew that something special was passing by, just out of reach. "If I can just move in a little more, who knows what might happen..."

I have to be careful here; I don't want to sound like Bilbo Baggins on the verge of setting out from his Hobbit Hole with Gandalf and a confederacy of mythological characters! But in a way I do, because in many ways I'm as Hobbit-like as they come. I love comfort, and predictability, deep armchairs and afternoon tea - and the aura of undisturbed, curl-up-with-a-book-on-the-sofa-as-if-there-is-no-other-world, adventure-free, Mayberry-like ease....

It's not as if I'm asking God to mess with the tranquility.

Instead, my feeling these past few days has been more along the lines of, "I can feel the gravitational pull of something." Or, "There's something in store that's spectacular." Or, "It's time to walk a little more by faith and a little less by simple sight."

Stay tuned. When "What is possible" does come crashing into my limited world of "What I can do by myself" - then people reading this space will certainly be among the first to know.

"To Infinity and Beyond!" - DEREK


Anonymous said...

Hey Derek-
I am a daily reader of your blog, and I too have been trying to live more in faith. As you, I feel that I am feeling an unusual expectancy, especially those few moments when I am success in living out that faith.

Liz J. Fox said...

I agree that if we are expectantly waiting for something spectacular from God, we will see His hand in even the small things. It's when we're looking at our circumstances and daily life without that faith that we might even mss the most spectacular evidence of His love, provision, and majesty.