Friday, November 13, 2009

TGIF -Totally Grateful I'm Forgiven (and Free)

This morning I'm marveling at the immeasurable variety of variables that come into play to support the relaxed moment I'm enjoying, right now at 7:30 AM, sitting at the counter-top and savoring a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

First there's the simple miracle of getting out of bed, somewhat functional. I was reminded of this when I woke up - ten minutes before my alarm - courtesy of the most excruciating leg cramp I've had in literally years. I was flopping about on top of the bed like a fish with a hook in its mouth! There are so many complex and intricate functional parts to the human system, constantly working to maintain balance, both chemical and physical.

Sometimes I wonder how it's possible that I can even walk and chew gum at the same time!

I'm using the word "miracle" here in the sense that I explained early last week when I coined the word "metanatural." It may be vaguely weird to be fascinated with oneself, but this morning I hobbled out of bed, stretched the offending muscles groups, followed my usual routines, and observed myself walking Scout while simultaneously reading the Upper Room morning devotions via my Blackberry (all while negotiating parked cars, school buses and various moving objects)... and I marvelled at this awesome event that is repeated day-by-day... and I thanked God for the privilege of being alive.

And do you realize - of course you do! - how many attentive, creative, innovative engineers it takes to keep Tampa Electric on-line and sending out the power to keep this coffee-pot playing its critical role? Or the dedication of hundreds of thousands of military personnel who guard my freedom so that I can live in peace, without fear? Or the elected leaders whose commitment to the principles of democracy and fidelity to our constitution works together - and in opposition - to maintain a balance of services and responsibilities?

Even the coffee I brewed this morning was grown, harvested, processed, distributed, exported, distributed again, stocked, labeled, priced and then sold at a store with it's own multi-level system of overlapping people and roles and requirements.

This cup of coffee is a miracle - and in so many ways! The freedom I enjoy is a miracle! The way our society holds together is a miracle! My life is a miracle!

You can see your life as a miracle too!

Love and blessings - DEREK

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