Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going for it - no half measures - no holding back

Derek, Jack, Pat & Millie put together a surprising "62"
Today's post is on the lighter side. Because - while Lent is important, and what goes on in and around the church is a huge element of my life, and faith is undeniably folded into everything - sometimes I just play a round of golf and I don't actually think much if at all about the spiritual side of things.

God is most certainly there, always. But the reality is that - from my end at least - my interaction with the Creator works much the same as other primary relationship. My parents - for example - feature prominently in my life, but I didn't think about them at all (so far as I can remember) during 18 holes of fun on Saturday afternoon.

The occasion was a fundraiser. My friend Philip invited me to participate and help raise money for an educational trip his son is taking. So I hooked up with three people from his church who I'd never met before (Millie, Jack and Pat) and we somehow managed to shoot a "best ball" 62 on a tricky little course in New Port Richey.

(You may have noticed the new floppy hat I'm sporting. Yes, it may look silly, but the sun around here is just a little too relentless. I finished the day with my face, my neck and even the tops of my ears happily un-scorched... and I plan to keep things that way until November rolls around.)

"Best Ball" is a format that really sets me free. Once in a while - and mostly because someone else had been fortunate enough to hit safely - I was able to unwind and send my golf ball into the "risk-or-reward" territory featured on many of the narrow, hazardous short holes. Surprisingly, my ball tended to come to rest in really good places.

Consequently I chipped one of my longer drives in for an eagle on a short par 4. I've got to say that made my afternoon!

Since then I've been thinking (and this is a close to spiritual as I'm prepared to get this morning). Freedom, and especially freedom in the context of supportive community - an environment where you know people have "got your back" so to speak - is more than a beneficial setting for performance and creativity, it's the very best possible set up for confidence and premium achievement.

I believe what I'm talking about here is fundamental to understanding how and why I'm enjoying this excursion in my 50's so very much. I'm secure, I'm relaxed, I'm encouraged, I'm safe, I have a good sense of the big picture, I know how completely I'm loved.

I know that it's safe for me to try new ideas, to stay on the creative cutting-edge, and to give absolutely everything that I've got. No half measures, no holding back.

Now that's high-performance living!

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