Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Greatest Story Ever Told (well, a part of it)

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Meanwhile, back at my regular life...  And of course my "regular life" is certainly not without its moments - which is why I'm able to generate posts to this blog almost daily. The day-in day-out of simply waking up every morning and the blessing of "being" is invariably loaded with meaning.

Working in my study
One of my facebook "friends" criticized this blog recently by way of suggesting I'd have "more credibility" if I wrote about things other than my spiritual life. But - and this has been a key realization for me - I can't really distinguish anymore between my "life" and my "spiritual life". I don't see myself taking those hats on and off during the day as if they're mutually exclusive.

Anyway, something cool happened yesterday evening that reminded me of what's important in my unique field of work. My books don't sell in large numbers (and that drives me crazy when I look at the books that do!!!) ... but every once in a while there will be a "moment" that justifies all the work, even if it helps just the one person.

I checked in on my on-line discipleship seminar, "A spiritual Journey". One participant, who has been fairly quiet during the first couple of weeks, commented that he really identified with "Eric" (a man whose story I shared in one of the GET REAL chapters), and he went on to detail exactly how. He said he felt inadequate in his faith and wondered about his progress.

Fair enough. It was an honest declaration of where he is in his spiritual journey. As the instructor, I could have affirmed him, encouraged him, and given his some ideas to go on....

But - as the author of GET REAL I was able to do one better. "I actually talked with Eric just an hour ago," I was able to say. "And we've been discussing how much his faith has grown over the past few years. If you're OK with it then I'm tell him about this conversation, and you can be assured that he is praying for you!"

I love the way these things come full circle sometimes. My life, Eric's life, the man taking the course, your life - they are all rich, full, meaning-packed stories. How God works through all of this is another story, it's the story that we're all a part of - it's The Greatest Story Ever Told.

That - as Rebekah would say - was a chilly bump moment. May your day be full with them.
With some of my "Men's Room" crew Wed night


ericpet said...

Thanks for closing the loop on this. Maybe close is not the right word. More like connecting the circuit.

gerard said...

What a handsome bunch of Ragamufins.