Saturday, December 24, 2011

Derek & Rebekah: the official 2011 Christmas Newsletter

“Shine as lights among the people of this world, as you hold firmly to the message that gives life.” – Philippians 2:15-16

(It's possible one of these might make it in the mail with a nice Christmas/New Year's card, one day... but don't hold your breath). Hmm… where to start? None of us want to be labeled, “That family forever flaunting flashy facts, fun features, and fortuitous fortune…” However, if we didn’t say 2011 has been over-the-top awesome we’d be flat out lying.

  • Craig, Naomi and David
    First off the “no-brainer.” WE ARE GRANDPARENTS! Wahoo; yippee, drum-roll etc. That’s right; October 16 saw the debut of a healthy happy David Henry Campbell, born in Connecticut. Naomi and Craig Campbell are in love with their new addition, Derek and Rebekah are ecstatic, and David is already engaging life full on.

Andrew with Alicia in Kiev
Andrew (a.k.a. International Man of Mystery), is making the most of his experience living in the Chianti region of Italy. During 2011 he travelled extensively in Europe and North Africa, made several trips home across the big pond, and participated in a number of mission projects. One sequence of cities: Venice, Vienna, Kiev and Pisa, represents the first four liaisons with his new friend, Alicia, who has been omnipresent in conversation, Skype and scheduling.

  • Rebekah and David in our garden
    Rebekah has enjoyed another positive year enjoying a fruitful experience in ministry. October marked 15 years as senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Brandon. During 2011, the congregation celebrated 50-years of witness in the community, completed an extensive building project, and continues to respond positively to the constant challenge of reinvention and creative discipleship.

Derek in Italy
Derek spent 2011 speaking in communities throughout the United States, completing manuscripts for books #4 (Reaching Toward Easter) and #5 (Ten Life-Charged Words), writing for several news publications, taking a gazillion photographs, and building an audience for his daily blog, "Life-Charged Life." Another unforgettable highlight was a father-son 8-day tour of “Andrew’s Italy.”


Scout Labradoodle (5) continues to keep Derek fit and to amuse Rebekah. Darth Cat (12) is slowing down, but sill remains super-cool.

LIFE: There is so much we could share about the wonder of living day-to-day as life-charged followers of the Way of Jesus. We love our home, it is a true sanctuary; we enjoy our children and we’re thrilled to see them live with such passion and purpose; we are immeasurably blessed to be part of such a dynamic community of faith; we are thankful for an extended family where love and respect define our relationships; we treasure our friends; and we are grateful for the opportunity to live in such a place as the United States, where we are secure and free.

David Henry Campbell
PRAYER: Yet, and not forgetting all these mercies, we grieve for this deeply troubled world, the undercurrents of war and desperation that color every observation of international news, and the growing cynicism that defines politics at home. That is why this scripture keeps coming to mind.
“Shine as lights among the people of this world, as you hold firmly to the message that gives life.” – Philippians 2:15-16
In love, and because of love – Derek and Rebekah

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