Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Announcing! My new book is now available!

Click on the book cover to purchase my new book!

I've talked before about my new book; I think I've said that the official release date is coming up in September... But I found out today that "The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian" has started shipping already - so I'm going to take this opportunity to - hopefully - generate some excitement.

Well I'm excited. So I guess I've succeeded!

The book really is about a life examined... "THE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN" certainly fits the focus of this blog. There's tons of gut-level honesty between the covers: Difficult experiences; doubt; assurance; growth; critical events in my life; pain; joy; tears; exuberance... It's all there.

Book # 3 is different. My first book was exciting. Having a second manuscript published was a thrill. But # 3 - especially when I put them all side by side in a little pile on my desk - #3 feels more like I now have a set; almost a legitimate body of work!

There are lots of ways to describe my new book, but one of the best is this, from a conference I spoke at in North Carolina: "Derek Maul invites readers to join him in an ongoing conversation about what it means to follow Jesus."

Then Eva Stimson, editor at the "Presbyterians Today" magazine, writes the following:
  • With the skill of a gifted storyteller, Derek Maul weaves his own life experiences into a practical and engaging guidebook for Christians seeking a deeper level of commitment. Scripture, prayers and questions for reflection in each chapter reinforce the author's challenge to live as if you mean it. - (Eva Stimson Editor, Presbyterians Today)
Obviously I'd like to see as many people as possible purchase the book. I can say without hesitation that it has the potential to be an important element in our national dialog about faith over the next few years. I know that the topics addressed are both cogent and vital. There's not a person - from serious believer to doubtful fence-sitter - who would not benefit from the read.

So I'll round-out today's post by simply listing the chapter headings. Please buy the book, and buy it for your friends. If we can make a bold move on the ratings, then who knows what kind of positive attention THE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN might generate? All we need to do is to get the word out.

Introduction: Live As if You Mean it
  1. We Can't Sit on This Gospel
  2. God-smacked in the Cranium
  3. Christianity is a Team Sport
  4. Judge or Redeemer?
  5. Life Is Hard: Follow Jesus
  6. Check the Manufacturer's Label
  7. Subversive for Jesus
  8. Holding the Ungraspable
  9. Reversing Columbine
  10. A Collision of Worlds
  11. Where Grace Shatters Darkness
  12. Living Large for Jesus
Love and blessings - DEREK

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