Friday, July 31, 2009

Soul Care for the New Day

One reason I try to post a new blog entry each morning (six days a week) is the devotional value of organizing my thoughts around who I am and what I'm up to. My writing isn't necessarily spiritual in the "Bible lesson" sense every day... but it is spiritual inasmuch as it connects me to my root motivations and identity. It's more of a launching pad than an altar.

Of course my understanding of spirituality is constantly evolving. What is spiritual to me today might not have been a couple of years ago - and will probably morph some more as time goes by.

This begs the question "Then is it all in your head, Derek?" The answer is that it's more likely all in my soul. My soul is constantly informing my head; it's a part of the created order that simply must be attended to; it's impossible to define because it plays by a different set of rules than the elements of my "self" I more readily understand.

These morning "devotionals" are a critical discipline in the process of harnessing the strength of my soul. Are you at all in touch with yours? What might you possibly do to remedy the neglect? Maybe now is a good time to talk with God about it?

Peace and love - DEREK

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