Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kitchen re-do initiates domino-effect!

BRANDON - Kitchen re-do initiates domino-effect!

Our huge (13-years in the making) kitchen remodel is pretty much wrapped up. All that needs to be completed now is some tile work, a little paint, and then details like switch covers, the one piece of molding that's on back order, what goes where in the new design ... that kind of thing. I've posted a few pictures to give the idea.

It's very evident - at least I hope it is - what a well-conceived project this is. Rebekah did all the conceptual design drawings, the "imagineering", and our friends the Doolans (the folk who actually did the work) helped her to finesse the details; the Doolans are real craftsmen. It looks custom, and in a sense it is custom; but we used 100% standard cabinetry/appliances etc. Everything was just that carefully worked out.

But now... and ask me if I'm in the least bit surprised... it turns out that the family room and the living room are concerned that they might be left out of the excitement. So there's going to be a little extension of "fun-with-painting" and some yet-to-be-named projects.

The truth is we get used to shabby. I know I do. Then, when something happens in the way of restoration, it's a lot easier to see other areas that could benefit from some kind of an intervention.

To be honest, I like being a "work in progress." Not just my home, but my entire life. There's a passage from my new book that speaks to this idea, so I'll close today's blog with my own works:
  • Following Jesus is not for those who seek to be undisturbed; yet I know real peace. Discipleship is more about questions than easy answers; but still I know complete assurance. This unmaking of part-time Christianity is guaranteed to grate against this culture; regardless, I know Jesus. And I know every day and without a shadow of a doubt that I am finding my way home.
- From "THE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN" (Upper Room Books, 2009)
Grace and Peace - DEREK

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