Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - a step into noisy

"Hold still, Scoutie, I think this goes here...!"
“Hold still, Scoutie, I think this goes here…!”
The ninth day of Christmas: Our nice, quiet, contemplative home has taken a turn to the noisy. The ninth day around here not only involves those “Nine Ladies Dancing,” but also one baby toddling, extra guests visiting, more luggage multiplying, too many plans a-hatching, and cumulative chaos reigning.
But all in a good way.
We’re in the middle of this Pashy and Maul family overlap theme. We enjoyed sharing New Year’s Eve with Alicia’s parents, along with twin sister Stephanie and her husband, Brian. I made an amazing gumbo, we ate on the porch, and then we all talked until far beyond ushering in 2013.
Now Naomi’s crew has arrived and David is in full swing toddler mode.
David is all go, all toddler, all boy, all busy, and all grandson.
Clark, Alicia, Stephanie, Rebekah, Brian, Derek, Andrew, Chris
Clark, Alicia, Stephanie, Rebekah, Brian, Derek, Andrew, Chris
NEW YEAR: 2013 has such promise packed in; it’s loaded with potential. But we started out in the context of reflection, of getting to know new people, of bringing families together, and of simply wondering at the amazing blessings associated with love and faithful commitment.
That’s all I have time for today, because in just a few hours we’ll have a house full with guests again.
Really, it’s all too much. But, like I said before, it’s too much in a good way - DEREK

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