Thursday, January 17, 2013

"thrive" - first letter to my new grand-daughter

Today is my first “Grandaddy Letter” to our second grandchild. “Rebekah Mae Campbell” – David’s little sister – is expected to make her debut into this world around the second half of June.
Rebekah Mae, 18 weeks
Rebekah Mae, 18 weeks
Dear Rebekah Mae (“Peanut”). As of today you’re 18 weeks into your journey. You’ve come far enough that we all know you’re a girl, so I guess this means it’s about time we begin to communicate. Let’s get a few items on the table while you have time to mull things over; because you’re going to be out and about before your parents have time to catch their breath.
WHAT KIND OF A WORLD? First I want to address the “Why would anyone want to bring a child into a world like this?” question. Well I’m going to tell you, Rebekah Mae:
  1. This world needs you.
  2. This world needs the strong witness of another good family.
  3. This world will be brightened by the light that you bring.
  4. You already have a purpose (and I recommend you get to know the God who created you, and who intends to help you with that).
  5. The victory has already been won, your opportunity (and your responsibility) is to live into it.
LOVE IS YOUR FOUNDATION: Rebekah Mae, please know that you are already loved beyond reason; your home is going to be saturated with it.
You are going to be held, rocked, snuggled, kissed, sung to, prayed over, and variously soaked in genuine affection, to such an extent that the truth about love will penetrate to the core of your being; and you will know at the heart of your experience that you are valued and embraced and worthy; and the definition of committed, unconditional love will be engrafted into your consciousness so that you will never, ever doubt who you are, whose you are, and the infinite extent of your inestimable value.
GET READY FOR A WILD RIDE: That said, Rebekah Mae, you need to understand that you are going to be in for one wild ride!
You already have a brother. David is only going to be 20-months when you come home, so you’re going to have to make some allowances. Your parents are going to have their hands full; your home is going to be very noisy at times; there’s going to be a lot going on. The atmosphere, to say the least, is going to be extremely stimulating!
But stimulating is what you want. I know children who have given up crying because no-one ever responds, who have stopped trying to play because there’s never any attention or encouragement, who have withdrawn into themselves because nobody cares to know who they might become, and whose bright light gradually dims until somebody finally notices and calls it “failure to thrive.”
18 weeks
18 weeks
But you, Rebekah Mae, are going to thrive your socks off, because your bright light is welcome, your contribution to this world is needed, and the wild ride you’re climbing onto is wild with anticipation, with excitement, and with love.
In love, and because of love - GRANDADDY DEREK
See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. (1 John 3:1-2)

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