Monday, January 21, 2013


IMG_3343Today, for me, “MLK-Day” stands for “Micah & Liam Kid-Day.” I know, that’s a real stretch, but I was invited over to the Black household fairly early this morning for some quality kid-time and the experience blew the “blog-post-already-in-my-head” completely out of my consciousness.
Essentially, It was a case of last-minute kid-coverage for my friends Tim and Kelly, and it wouldn’t have come up if today wasn’t a holiday; so thanks, MLK, for closing the schools so I had the chance to play with my little buddies.
COMMUNITY: The experience also served to remind me of a value that is central to the message Martin Luther King devoted the work of his life to communicate; and that’s the idea that we were designed to live in community, and that progress for humanity must involve advancing the concept of community between people (and peoples).
We are a part of a faith community (First Presbyterian Church of Brandon) where dropping everything to take care of the people we love is simply what we do. In the vision that MLK offered for the future of this nation, those circles of care and love would know no boundaries.
working together
working together
HEALING: There are a lot of ideas circulating about how to heal this world. But MLK’s message is still among the best, because it recognizes that we are all brothers and sisters, and that there is nothing in all of creation that has the power to overcome the work of authentic, self-giving love.
There’s not a political idea in circulation that will ever come close to the healing power of a love that is inclusive and generous and anchored in the heart of God.
So thanks, MLK-Day (that’s Micah & Liam Kid-Day) for reminding me about how important it is that we live in community. And thanks MLK (that’s Martin Luther King) for articulating a vision that is still straight from the heart of God.
In love, and because of love – DEREK

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