Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinterest, the new baby, poverty, photography, and lots of hope

IIMG_3545‘m trying hard this morning not to make this post look like a page from “Pinterest.” Seriously, folks, I’m not about to turn into one of those “how to” or “follow these simple steps” arts and crafts bloggers. Rebekah’s doing something super-cool for Naomi and Craig’s new baby; I’m writing about it; end of story.
Essentially, Rebekah and our daughter, Naomi, were talking about the new baby’s room and the ideas just started flying. Before I knew it Rebekah had driven over to Joanne Fabrics and our dining room turned into manufacturing central for a “no holds barred” custom crib-set.
I sent Naomi the above photo of the work in progress. She quickly posted the image on her facebook page, and within minutes Rebekah had become a minor Internet celebrity with comments like this under the picture: “Love the colors/patterns! Is there anything Rebekah Maul isn’t good at? So lovely and talented, and world’s best grandma– she has it all going for her!”
IMG_3541I’VE BEEN “PINKED!” No argument here about having it all going for her; Rebekah rocks. But there seems to be no way I’ll ever contain this tidal wave of pink. The “craft room” apparently isn’t big enough; so now there’s a sewing machine on the dining room table, an ironing board in front of one of the bookcases, and various piles of fabric, batting, ribbon and “notions” strategically placed around the house.
And so, Rebekah Mae Campbell, not only are you loved and anticipated, but you’re already spoiled. You will be welcomed with a festival of pink, turquoise, lime-green and polka-dots. Maybe it’s all part of the long-term plan to keep your brother out of your room?
children on our visit to "Garbage City." Cairo
children on our visit to “Garbage City.” Cairo
STARTLING STATISTICS: On the day that Rebekah Mae makes her debut in pink (around June 20, 2013), somewhere in the neighborhood of 360,000 other babies will be born worldwide. That’s 250 every minute.
There’s not going to be much in the way of exquisitely decorated, pink quilted bedrooms for the vast majority of those babies. At least 80% will be born into families making less than the equivalent of $10 per day. And today, Tuesday February 26, because of poverty and other preventable causes, 21,000 children will die.
DSC_0036HOPE: The good news is that Rebekah Mae is being born into a family where she will be taught compassion to go along with her privilege, generosity that will flow out of the abundance, love to propel her into action, faithful stewardship to make the most of her blessings, courage to fight ignorance, and freedom of spirit to release the heart of goodness her parents already own and are cultivating in her brother, David.
And all that spells hope for the other 359,999 children who are going to share Rebekah Mae’s birthday, and who will need her generosity, her courage, and her heart.
DSC_0030In the meanwhile, our dear future granddaughter, rest well and continue to flourish. And you might want to get yourself some good sunglasses before your mama brings you home and puts you right in the middle all that fluorescent pink.
Lovingly, your Grandaddy Derek

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