Friday, November 9, 2012

beyond kum-bah-ya

This post has been a huge conversation-starter
NOTE: This has been a busy week at “The Life-Charged Life.” In addition to well over a thousand (and growing) first-time visitors, the blog has picked up a significant number of new followers. If you qualify in either category, then “WELCOME” to this space (Thanks so much to WordPress and the “Freshly-Pressed” staff).
So I’ll begin this morning with a (slightly modified) email reply to a “dissenter” who disagreed with the 300-Million Shades of Purple post, then follow-up with a short explanation of where I’m coming from and why I write:
Dear, “Your advice that now we all sit around in a circle and sing Kum bah ya will almost certainly be ignored…”
Thanks for your well-thought-out response. I’m sorry to take so long getting back to you, but the “300-Million Shades of Purple” article has produced a tidal-wave of response and generated a lot of positive, hope-filled conversation.
I understand your perspective, but I have to point out that I never suggested that anyone “sit around in a circle and sing Kum bah ya.” However, it would certainly be better than standing with arms folded and repeating “Bah, humbug” for the next four years.
No, I’m simply pointing out that the majority of Americans have much more in common than many of the agitators would like us to believe. Like the terrorists, those who seek to divide us believe that a nation out of balance and in confusion is one they have more opportunity to influence/bully/control.
So, recognizing where we agree would be a much better place to start than amplifying our differences.
I’m glad that such thoughtful people as you are a part of the conversation.
Peace and blessings – DEREK
WHERE I’M COMING FROM: This – the following eight points – is where I’m coming from as a blogger.
  1. I am convinced that this gift of life is too precious to take for granted. So I routinely encourage readers to live with passion and purpose. One of my favorite phrases is, “Live like you mean it, because God most certainly meant it when you were created.”
  2. The God reference is not casual. I explore my faith as a Follower of the Way of Jesus. Faith makes its way into these postings simply because it spills out of me; I can’t help myself.
  3. I’m a life-long teacher and learner. I taught school for two decades before becoming a full-time writer. I may be in my 50′s, but I still have SO MUCH to learn.
  4. I’m a huge proponent of STORY. Your story is important; it’s important that you understand it and that you talk about it. It’s my hope that sharing my story will help you to discover yours.
  5. I write commentary and opinion. My work has appeared everywhere from local magazines to regional newspapers to national publications such as The Christian Science MonitorUSA TodayNewsweek and Guideposts. These blog-posts are heavily laced with commentary and opinion.
  6. I write about real life. This means almost everything you read in this space probably happened in the past 48-hours.
  7. I’m an author, too. So don’t be surprised by the occasional gratuitous, blatant, self-promotional reference to one of my books (Derek Maul’s books).
  8. I love photography, and pictures are an important element of how I blog. Sometimes the images drive the story. Sometimes the images are the story.
ENOUGH WITH THE DEFEATISM!!! When I described the USA as 300-million shades of purple I really did believe what I was writing. So I’ll conclude today’s post by repeating this important point from my reply to “the dissenting voice”:
Let’s continue the conversation!
Like the terrorists, those who seek to divide us believe that a nation out of balance and in confusion is one they have more opportunity to influence/bully/control.
Don’t allow that to happen. Not in your circle of influence. Not even a little bit.
Peace (and I mean that) – DEREK

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